Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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Things I have Learned About Livin In Dallas...

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So I have learned quite a few things living here. Some that are even funny to me, and some things that are not...

* So not all cities have people that wear cowboy boots and big hair. I have only seen one person with them on here.

* The teenagers here are very sexually active. I now know where the "poppin your collar" fad came from. It is so they can cover up all the hickies they have on there necks. Also, a 15 or 16 year old boy asked me if I would like to wrestle and that he'd wrestle with me! Not to mention I also think they started the fad of the thongs haning out of your jeans/pants too! The teenagers here need some guidence, but after you see some of their parents you'd understand.

* So I need to find a hair stylist here, but after seeing the african amaerican womens hair down here I am afraid of what I might come out looking like. So they have this thing here called quick weave where you are supposed to blend it in with your regular hair, bit for some reason they feel itis neccessary to glu the track to there forhead instead of blending it in. Not to mention have 4 different colors of hair in your head is also the trend. Really? Let's just give thanks to our hair stylists back in GR, they are great!!!

* There are way to many men out here...15 men to every woman, but the sad part is they are a little to aggressive with taking you out. It's such a race to get the girl, lol!

* Every little bug or living creature that you have not seen before is here. Big, smal, fat, fast, they are everywhere.

* The syle of clothing here is one extreme or another. Either really urban with matching colors hair to toe, or super name brand and preppy.

* If you want to go to church out here you will attend a mega church! Almost all churches have 2000 plus people, no small community churches except for in the country.

* The music stations are like nothing you have heard up north. They have R&B and rap stations here...with music we get a year or two later.

* The average car here, whether you have moeny or not, is an Acura, BMW, Jag, Escalade, or Sabb. My car is a piece of crap here and it's a newer one.

* They have a strong economy, and their is enough work here for everyone.

* No state taxes taken out of your paycheck, bu you make it up in daily tolls you have to pay to get to work. I pat $25 in tolls a week to get to work.

* I have an accent and everyone I talk to knows I am not from TX. The northerners talk really nasally from what I am told.

Their are so many differences that I could go on. But all in all it is great to experience new things, and new life. Getting use to it is key...But like I said before, you could not pay me to move back to GR!

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