Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tired of the Disappointmets...

WOW! Is all I have to say! I am tired of the disappointments, and tired of hearing "God has a plan for you!" I know he has a plan, but I hope he knows he has hit his mark of how much I can handle. Over the last 4 month it has been one thing after another...

-Lost my job
-Then got a text that my boyfriend was leaving me, with out explanation
-Then could not get any help for my Diabetes and had to pay almost $600/mo for supplies
-Finally got a job in FL, but the housing fell through and I could not afford any different, so had to cancel the job
-Had to move out of my apartment due to having to pay to live off insulin
-Had to move back to mom and dad's which is not fun at all and very uncomfortable.
-Turned 30 and don't feel accomplished at all
-Ended up in the hospital on my birthday
-The ex-boyfriend did $680 in damage to my leased car and is refusing to fix it, AHHHHHH!!!!!
-Got another job offer in Rochester Hills, then got a call the next week that they did not have room for me due to an internal candidate changing there mind on a promotion! I was so excited to leave and start fresh, and then slap right in the face.

I JUST WANT A BREAK OF THE BAD LUCK!!!!! I am at a point where it is so frustrating not to have a job and live where I am very unhappy, and still dealing with the ex's disrespect and refusing to deal with the damages of the vehicle.

I just want things to change! I have helped so many people out in life, and I am ready for God to give me what I need. This is such a hard transition and I am starting to lose faith in everything. I keep going and working my ass off for a job and just cant find one. I just need hope, and a sign that things are looking up. God when is it my turn?

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