Tuesday, August 18, 2009

*Oh The Frustrations of Moving!!!*

So I have finally started my job and love it! I am very happy that I am able to work, and be in a state that has a better economical status then MI. TX has a lot going for them and continues to develop more areas throughout the state. I will say that I am not use to working anymore, 5 1/2 month of job hunting was lazy work. My feet, and back, oh my whole body aches after a day of work, but I am just getting back in the swing of things and will be fine.

Since I have landed a job ad moved into my new place I have been excited to return home and get the rest of my life. More importantly my bed and furniture so I can relax sleep comfortably after a long day of work. So today was when the frustration started...well maybe after I started my job. I waas originally told I could come home to get my things the weekend of 8/23, then when I started they changed the weekend so I could help out with a project. Now this was frustrating do to plane tickets costing more, which is annoying with it being Labor Day weekend. The most frustrating part is I was going to bring my things back this weekend by renting a uhaul or budget truck, etc. However, after pricing them the cheapest I could find was $982 not including gas. Well since I have been out of work and do not own credit cards, this is making it a little more difficult. I was hoping to get my things, but it looks as if I will not have them for a while longer. I was really looking forward to making my apartment home and sleeping in my own bed. However this wont be happening for months :( So I am going to fly back home anyway and ship some boxes instead.

I guess when you make a transition as quick as I did there are going to be some ups and downs. One thing I need to remeber is that I have a job and health benefits and I just neet to be thankful for that. I guess the positive thing is I get to go back home and see family and friends...which I am so looking forward too!

God will take care of the rest, and believe in he is looking out for me...as he always has.

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