Sunday, August 9, 2009

One of the Better Days!

Today was a great day. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to hangout with Courtney who went to my high school. She had noticed on my facebook that I was moving here, and offered to show me around the area. She has lived here for 4 years and knew enough to show me where I need to go. She also lives down the road and around the corner, which is nice to know someone is near with a familiar face. We went in Dallas to a cute little deli, drove around a bit, then chilled by the pool. We then reminiced on high school days and talked about where everyone was now in life. It felt like I was back home with one of the girls. We had a good time, and it is nice to know we will each have a new friend in the area.

However, TX doesn't feel like home yet, and won't start till I get my things here. Oh how I think about the things we take for granted. All I have is some clothes, an air mattress, 2 plates, 2 bowls, very little silverware, 1 pot and 1 pan...all thanks to IKEA! So I went to the store to get tuna and was all excited about making it, well I get home to make it and I dont have a can opener. No can opener, no microwave, what did we ever so with out these things...I know, didn't eat cans of TUNA! So It will sit in my cupboards for 3 weeks till I get home to get my things. Oh roughing it can sometimes be rough! I am learning new things I guess, or more new things I should say!

Things will get better and I know this is the right path that God has chosen for me...or I wouldn't have gotten this far.

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  1. soon you will have your own things and it will make life much easier. See ya soon. hugs Renee